Pulp and Paper


When it comes to an emphasis on high quality and productivity, the pulp and paper industry has traditionally taken a leadership role. Pall remains strongly committed to the present and future growth of our pulp and paper customers with filtration products, oil purifers and fluid condition monitoring equipment specifically designed to help paper machines achieve increased uptime, lower maintenance costs and high capacity.

We offer a complete line of products for contamination control of mill fluid systems including paper machine bearing lube, hydraulic systems and machine tool coolants. And we can supply technically-advanced products for monitoring water and particulate contamination levels on-line.

How do you make your papermaking operations more productive? Thanks to an extensive global network of trained support specialists, Pall customers can take advantage of a full range of support services through our Total Cleanliness Control (TCC) program. TCC has become an integral part of maintenance programs at mills throughout the world offering:


  • Filtration and separation system recommendations
  • Industry expertise
  • Fluid manufacturer liaison
  • Industry technical organization liaison
  • Waste minimization 
  • Equipment surveys

Problem Solving/Troubleshooting

  • Local distributor contamination control expertise
  • Pall Scientific and Laboratory Services contamination control expertise
  • On-site fluid analysis

Monitoring Services

  • Fluid quality (particulate and water contamination levels)
  • Filter housing inspections
  • Cost payback analysis

Maintenance Services

  • Housing repair
  • Element changeout
  • Inventory reduction (zero inventory)


  • Contamination control training
  • Pall product operation/maintenance training

Startup Services

  • Flushing service
  • Pall product startup assistance

For more information on how Pall can help you control contaminants in your systems, visit:

The Pall Aria™ water treatment system can treat process water for manufacturing and reduce operational costs. Click on the links below to find out more.