Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) for Data Storage Manufacturing

Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) is utilized to produce flat, even surfaces on the glass and aluminum substrates.  It is important to keep these substrates ultra smooth to prevent head crashes, which are typically caused when the head contacts an irregular surface.  

Filters are typically situated in two locations in a hard disk polishing system: a) in the slurry recirculation loop and b) at the point-of-use (POU) where a capsule filter is installed closer to the polish tool.   As the mean particle sizes of these slurries have decreased to around 200 nm, filters with removal ratings below 100 nm are now required to polish these substrates.  

Pall Corporation offers a variety of media and configurations for both bulk and POU applications to enable substrate /media producers to meet these ultra-smooth requirements.

Chemical Mechanical Polishing Filtration
Products for Data Storage Manufacturing


Nexis® A Series Filter Cartridges
Nexis® A Series Filter CartridgesThis filter cartrdige resists contaminant unloading even at high differential pressures.

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Profile II Filters for CMP Applications
Profile® II Filter for CMP ApplicationsThese filters effectively remove agglomerated particles and gels from oxide, tungsten and copper CMP slurries, while not affecting slurry particle distribution.

Profile® Star Filters
Profile® Star FiltersThese filters are pleated, depth all polypropylene filters ideally suited for the removal of agglomerated particles and gels from slurries used in the chemical mechanical polishing of oxide, tungsten and copper.

Poly-Fine® XLD Series Filter Cartridge
Poly-Fine® XLD Series Filter CartridgeThis filter cartridge is an innovative merger of depth and pleated technologies providing high flow rates with low pressure drops.

Ultipor® GF-HV Filter
Ultipor® GF-HV FilterThe Ultipor GF-HV filter is well suited for slurry filtration applications having high viscosities and substantial solid concentrations.