Crystalline Silicon Cell Processing

Chemical Filtration for Recirculating Baths

Pall filters can reduce particle contamination on wafer surfaces during the cleaning and etching steps.

Pall products can also protect critical orifices (i.e., cleaning nozzles), preventing them from becoming clogged and resulting in equipment downtime.

Fluid reclaim value can be maximized in a recirculating bath, by placing a filtration device in the loop.  The life of the chemical bath can thus be extended through filtration. A cleaner bath can also improve the quality of the wafer surface.
Pall offers a wide choice of suitable filtration products for chemical, gas and water applications.

Filter Recommendations

Saw Damage Etching and Texturing

  • Profile® A/S Filters
    • Especially designed to provide cost-effective solutions for hot, and/or highly contaminated, aggressive chemicals making them ideally suited for alkali texturization.
Phosphorous Diffusion, Oxide Etching and Edge Isolation

Housing Recommendation


    • Available in polypropylene, PVDF and PFA
    • Available in 10'' and 20''
    • Available in manifold connections

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Filtration for Anti-Reflective Coating

Molecular contamination in the hydrogen and silane gases used to form the antireflective coatings or amorphous silicon films can lead to a number of process problems, such as non-uniform coatings and other types of defects arising from particle generation.

Gaskleen® II Purifiers reduce moisture and oxygen from hydrogen and silane gases to < 1 ppb.  The purifier has also demonstrated the ability to remove trace levels of siloxanes and dopant metals such as As, P, Al and B from silane.

Read the related Application Bulletin: "Removal of Siloxane Impurities From Silane Gas in the Silicon Epitaxy Process" (PDF)

Cost-Effective Gas Filtration

Gaskleen Light Series Filter Assemblies are designed to provide state-of-the-art gas filtration for the photovoltaic market while minimizing cost.