Electroless Nickel Plating for Data Storage Manufacturing

The electroless nickel deposition process on aluminum substrates is critical to the manufacturing of data storage hard disks.   

The nickel layer, which is plated on the aluminum substrate, functions primarily to increase the hardness of the aluminum substrate as well as to improve its resistance to corrosion. A hardened substrate is needed to prevent the surface of the disk from being damaged in the event of a head crash. 

With the areal density for hard disk storage devices increasing and the flying height decreasing, there is little tolerance for any type of contamination on the plated surface of an aluminum substrate.  Filtration is critical to eliminating common defects (i.e. micropitting, plating defect inclusions) which can occur during the electroless nickel deposition process. 

Pall Corporation offers a variety of membrane options which provide excellent removal retention, low pressure drop and minimal extractables.  

Electroless Nickel Plating Filtration Products
for Data Storage Manufacturing


Fluorodyne® VA and Fluorodyne® TF Filters
Fluorodyne® VA and Fluorodyne® TF FiltersThese filters are specifically designed to provide rapid bath clean up in recirculating nickel plating baths.  

UltiKleen™ - CDS Filter
UltiKleen™ - CDS FilterThis filter is Pall's standard all-fluoropolymer cartridge for the semiconductor industry; designed primarily for use in today’s bulk chemical delivery systems.

Ultipleat® HP Filter
Ultipleat® HP FilterThe Ultipleat HP filter is specifically designed for use in recirculating nickel plating baths to provide rapid bath clean-up.
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