Gas Purification

To meet the continuing quest for increased efficiency with ecologically sound technologies, Pall offers a line of purifiers to remove harmful molecular contaminants from process gases.

CZ Pullers

AresKleen INP medium purifies the argon used as a blanket within CZ Puller tools.
  • Crystalline defects are minimized during silicon ingot growing
  • Additional remelting steps are reduced or eliminated

Distribution Equipment

Our High-Flow Emflon®, Gaskleen® Light, Ultramet-L® Light and Gasket-Sert™ filters are used to remove particulate throughout the entire gas delivery systems from the bulk supply to the point-of-use (POU).

Thermal Deposition

AresKleen SIP medium purifies both hydrogen and silane gases used in thermal deposition processes.
  • Removes siloxanes, moisture, oxygen and other detrimental contaminants which can lead to defects in the film layers
Pall offers a line of purification and filtration products that deliver the highest purity gases required by the makers of photovoltaic devices.

Gaskleen Purifier Assemblies

Photovoltaics - Gaskleen Purifier Assemblies   Gaskleen purifiers remove molecular contaminants from process gases used in the production of solar cells:
  • Purifiable gases include nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and silane
  • Moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide are removed to < 1 ppb. Siloxanes are also removed from silane gas
  • Flow rates up to 1,000 slpm.
  • All purifier assemblies contain integral particle filtration
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ChamberKleen Diffusers

ChamberKleen™ Diffusers   Gas diffusers are ideally suited for vent applications on load lock interfaces or other vacuum chambers where large volumes of gas are flowing for a short period of time:
  • Unique design distributes the gas in a 360 degree radius, minimizing turbulence in the chamber.
  • Fast vent times are achieved with proprietary, low pressure drop metal media
  • Available with NW16, NW25 or NW63 ISO flanges

Gaskleen Light Filter Assemblies

Photovoltaics - Gaskleen Light Filter Assemblies   Assemblies are designed to provide high-purity gas filtration for the photovoltaic market:
  • All fluoropolymer cartridge in a stainless steel housing
  • > 3 nm particle removal
  • Broad compatibility with process gases
  • Standard and high flow configurations
  • Manufactured using less raw material and energy compared with standard products
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

Ultramet-L and Gasket-Sert Metal Filter Products

Ultramet-L and Gasket-Sert Metal Filter Products   Developed for applications that are particularly sensitive to pressure drop and have limited space:
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Available in 3 nm and 0.4 μm removal ratings
  • 1/4" or 1/2" gasket seal fittings