Gas Purification for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Finer line widths and increasingly complex processes continue to present new challenges for today's semiconductor manufacturers.

Impurities that did not cause serious problems in the past may now cause defects on the wafer, compromise process quality and reduce product yields.

Molecular impurities, also known as gaseous or volatile impurities, have recently become of greater concern as sources of defects. Common molecular impurities include moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and metal carbonyls.

These impurities cannot be removed by particle filtration; they require a reactive bed of material for removal. The process of removing molecular impurities from the gas stream is known as gas purification. (This is different from filtration, which is the removal of suspended particles and aerosols.)

Our Technology

AresKleen Technology
The AresKleen product is a totally inorganic media that is very reactive to impurities. The technology provides sub-ppb level performance for the impurities in inert, noble, nonreactive, hydride, perfluorocarbon and corrosive gases.

Features and benefits of our purifiers include the following:

  • Room temperature operation, which eliminates the need for an additional heat source.

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  • A small, uniform substrate that provides for excellent bed packing, enabling installation of the purifiers in either the vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Integral particle filters, which allow the purifiers to be used as drop-in retrofits for existing in-line particle filters, without the need for equipment modification.
  • Gas-specific media that can purify a variety of gases.
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