Liquid Crystal Filtration for Display Manufacturing

Liquid crystal material controls the TFT array operations depending upon the amount of voltage applied to it.

Contamination control of this liquid crystal material, which is inserted between the TFT array and the color filter glass, is critical.

Since the amount of material per display is very small, and its cost is very high, having a filtration device that limits hold-up volume, meets purity requirements and is easy to vent, is very important.

Pall has developed a point-of-use 0.1 µm PTFE membrane product that is ideal for the removal of gelatinous material as well as particles from liquid crystal material (LCF Kleen-Change® filter). 

Its unique design and low pressure drop allows for easy venting, thus virtually eliminating the presence of air bubbles which can cause defects during the liquid crystal one drop filling (ODF) process.

Pall filters exhibit excellent initial filter cleanliness to reduce rinse up-time, minimize down-time and improve product yields.


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Product(s) for Liquid Crystal Filtration in Display Manufacturing

LCF Kleen-Change® - LCBN
Micro Kleen-Change® Filter Assembly (Microlithography)This capsule filter is specifically designed to remove gelatinous material and particles from liquid crystal (LC) material, in the manufacture of thin film transistor displays.
Micro Kleen-Change® Filter Assembly (Microlithography)
Micro Kleen-Change® Filter Assembly (Microlithography)This filter assembly is designed for small scale dispense applications where low hold-up volume and cleanliness are critical.