Lube for Data Storage Manufacturing

While current PMR have been able to achieve recording capacity thresholds of 500 GB/ platter and beyond, the technology to achieve 1 TB/ platter still needs to be developed.  These new capacities will be achieved by reducing the gap between the head and the disk recording layer to 10 nm and below.

With heads operating at such close proximity to the disc's surface, any unexpected contact between the head and the media can result in drive crashes, which impaire the reliability and operational functions of the disk drive.  This is defined as stictional damage.

To avoid this type of damage a hard carbon coating plus a lube layer is applied onto the magnetic layers to increase the reliability of the hard disc drive.  These layers help to protect the magnetic layers from corrosion, while also reducing the frictional forces during head and media landings and takeoffs.

Typical methods used to apply the lube coating are a dipping-draining or dipping-pulling procedure.  Both methods allow for a uniform coating, of as little as 5 nm thick, to be applied to the disk surface. With such a thin film, filtration and possibly purification of the solvents used in this coating process are critical to achieving uniform coatings.

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Contaminants in these lube coating systems can be categorized as organic, particulate and/or ionic.

Filtration solutions that can effectively remove 3 nm and greater particles and have extremely low organic extractables are essential for this application.

Pall Corporation offers a variety of media and filtration technologies to meet both the particulate and extractable challenges of this application.

Lube Filtration and Purification Products for Data Storage


PE-Kleen Filter
PE-Kleen FilterThis filter is specifically designed for the filtration of ultra-highpurity chemicals with outstanding particle retention characteristics required by the semiconductor industry.

UltiKleen™-S Filter and UltiKleen-G2
UltiKleen™-S Filter and UltiKleen-G2This filter is an advanced all-fluoropolymer cartridge that is highly recommended for critical chemical filtration.

Ultipleat® P-Nylon Filter (Chemical Filtration)
Ultipleat® P-Nylon Filter (Chemical Filtration)This filter is specifically recommended for bulk filtration of photoresists and chemicals which are compatible with Nylon 6,6 and high density polyethylene (HDPE).


IonKleen™ AQ Purifier
IonKleen™ AQ PurifierThis purifier has been specifically designed for the removal of metal ions from ultrapure water. It is ideally suited for use in the semiconductor industry's most critical final cleaning processes.