Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

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Pall provides a wide choice of filters for chemical, water, gas and slurry applications in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards, ceramic capacitors and electronic components.  

Filtration plays a critical role in the manufacturing process for multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), as defects in the layers of the capacitor can detrimentally impact the electrical properties.

Today, new MLCC designs are resulting in ever thinner layers: less than one micron thick.  With this advancement, MLCC’s are not only smaller in size, but have greater charge capacity due to the increased number of layers. This industry trend toward finer layers is making the role of filtration even more critical in MLCC manufacture.

Pall Corporation has focused on two key areas in this process:

1) filtration of the ceramic green sheet casting that forms the dielectric layer of the capacitor, and
2) filtration of the conductive paste that forms the inner electrode layers.


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