Lithography Application Literature for Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Filter Selection for Optimized Photoresist Filtration (PDF)
  • 193nm
  • 248nm
  • i-line photoresist coating
  • Lower operation pressures
  • Improved soft gel particle retention
  • Reduced generation of microbubble generation
  • No pre-wetting
  • Improved wettability
  • Reduce cone defects in bottom anti-reflective coating chemistries
  • Reduce total costs of ownership
Published / Technical
Microbridge reduction in negative tone imaging at photoresist point-of-use filtration(PDF)
  • 193i point-of-use photoresist filtration in both negative and positive tone imaging
  • Reducing microbridge defects
  • Increased product yield
A novel filter rating method using less than 30 nm
gold nanoparticle and protective ligand
  • Reduced particle size-membrane attractive interaction 
Defect Reduction by using Point-of-use Filtration
in a New Coater/Developer
  • 193nm photoresist on Lithius Pro Coater tool
  • Greater microbridge defect reduction
  • Enhanced fluid cleanliness
  • Increased product yield 
Filtration condition study for enhanced microbridge reduction (PDF)
  • DUV photoresist patterning
  • Point-of-use filtration of photoresist polymer solution
  • Lithography
  • Reducing microbridge defects
  • Enhanced removal of gel like microbridge precursors
Metal Ion Removal from Photoresist
Solvents - 1999 Microlithography Conference
  • Solvents
  • Precoat
  • Resist manufacturing
  • Reduce metal ion levels
  • Reduction of ionic/metal contamination on the surface of the wafer during fabrication of 0.25 micron and finer features via purification of the photoresist solvents
Microbridge and e-test opens defectivity reduction
via improved filtration of lithography fluids
  • 193nm photoresist
  • Ozonated DI water rinse
  • Significant reduction in post-lithography microbridge defects
  • Improved filtration of soft, gel-like contaminants that function as microbridge defect precursors. 
  • Reduction in single-line opens D0.   
New filter rating method in practice for
sub 30 nm lithography process filter 
  • 193 nm (dry) lithography process 
  • Microbridge defect removal 
Optimized Filtration for Reduced Defectivity and Improved
Dispense Recipe in 193 nm BARC Lithography - 2004 SPIE Conference
  • Etch
  • Chemical mechanical polishing and cleaning (CMP)
  • Reduce various defects observed in bottom anti reflective coating materials
  • Improved dispense recipe
  • After-etch defect reductions
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Research of Appropriate Filter Membrane for Reducing Defects of ArF Lithography, Fujifilm Interface 2005 (PDF)
  • 193nm lithography
  • Reduce bridging defects
N/A  N/A 
The effectiveness of sub 50nm filtration on reduced defectivity in advanced lithography-ARCH Interface 2004  (PDF)
  • Etch
  • 193 nm lithography
  • Bottom anti-reflective coating (BARC)
  • Reduce defectivity in BARC
  • Eliminate polymer shearing or the unintentional removal of requisite components in the resist
  • Reduce microbridge defects from 193nm resists and cone defects from BARC chemistries
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