Photovoltaic Applications

  • Polysilicon Purification and Processing

    The process of producing polysilicon (PS) begins with refining quartz or sand into metallurgical grade silicon, which is then purified in a series of chemical reactions. Learn more...
  • Crystal Growing

    The exhaust gases out of Czochralski pullers used for monocrystalline ingot growing contain dust particles that form by condensation above the silicon melt. Learn more...
  • Reclamation of Process Water and Silicon Fines

    Shaping of silicon ingots prior to wafering comprises several cutting and grinding operations. Large quantities of water must be used to cool tools and silicon surfaces, to act as a lubricant and to remove the resultant silicon fines. Learn more...
  • Crystalline Silicon Cell Processing

    Pall filters reduce particulate contamination on the wafer surface in cleaning and etching. Pall filters protect critical orifices (i.e. a cleaning nozzle), by preventing openings from becoming clogged and causing downtime. Learn more...
  • Thin Film Module Manufacturing

    Pall's filtration products are designed for chemical and DI water processing on large substrates. Fine filtration is especially important for film integrity during thin film processing. Clean substrates are required for consistent high module quality. Learn more...



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Brochure: Filtration and Purification Solutions for the Total Photovoltaic Value Chain (PDF)
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