Gasket-Sert™ PSP Filter

The Gasket-Sert PSP filter is designed to protect major components of gas panels employed in semiconductor gas distribution systems.
  • True in-line design and easy installation
  • Alignment retainer for ease of installation
  • Fits in place of standard 14 in. VCR1 or 14 in. UJR compatible gasket
  • Broad compatibility with process gases
  • Low differential pressure
  • All 316L stainless steel construction
  • Dried with high purity nitrogen
  • Cleanroom packaged
  • No hold-up volume
  • No particle contribution above background
  • No housing required
  • Retrofit of existing panels without reconfiguring of systems
  • Zero displacement
  • Protection for regulators and MFCs
1 VCR is a trademark of Swagelok Co.