Substrate / Media Cleaning for Data Storage Manufacturing

Hard disk cleaning processes are essential for keeping substrates and media free from particulate and contamination, especially in the production of the new PMR (perpendicular magnetic recording) and the HAMR (heat assisted magnetic recording) and BPM (bit patterned media), which are in development.

Separate systems are utilized for post polish substrate cleaning and for pre and post sputter media cleaning. Typical cleaning systems involve either one of three systems:  a recirculating or single pass system, a high velocity jet spray or a quick dump rinse or mechanical scrubbing system. 

These systems normally have more than one cleaning stage, containing either ambient or hot DI water, with or without alkaline detergents. Filtration is essential for keeping these baths free of particles.

Filtration will become ever more critical as future glide heights approach the 5 nm level, with a demand for less than 50 nm removal retentions, extremely low differential pressures and virtually no extractables.

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Pall is in the forefront with advanced filtration technology to provide a variety of products in the 30-100 nm range to meet all applications, in both the substrate and media cleaning processes.

Substrate / Media Cleaning Filtration and Purification
Products for Data Storage Manufacturing


Emflon® Filter (Chemical Filtration)
Emflon® Filter (Chemical Filtration)This filter is recommended for chemicals which are compatible with PTFE and polypropylene.

P Emflon® Filter (Microlithography)
P Emflon® Filter (Microlithography)This filter is specifically recommended for bulk filtration of photoresists and chemicals that are compatible with PTFE and high density polyethylene (HDPE).

Fluoryte™ High Flow Filter
Fluoryte™ High Flow FilterThis filter is an all fluoropolymer cartridge which uses the latest generation of high permeability proprietary PTFE membranes.

Ultipleat® PC Filter
Ultipleat® PC FilterThis filter is specifically recommended for component parts cleaning applications where high flow rates, together with a 0.2 um particle removal rating, are required.


IonKleen™ AN Purifier
IonKleen™ AN PurifierTh is purifier has been specifically designed for the removal of anions from organic solvents and resins dissolved in organic solvents.

IonKleen™ SL Purifier
IonKleen™ SL PurifierThis purifier has been specifically designed for the removal of metal ions from organic solvents and mixtures of organic solvents and resins.