Thin Film Module Manufacturing

Chemical and Water Filtration

Ultipleat® PK filtration products are designed for chemical and DI water processing on large substrates. Fine filtration is especially important for film integrity during thin film processing. Clean substrates are required for consistent high module quality.

Gas Solutions for Thin Film Solar Manufacturing

Pall offers a line of filtration and purification products that deliver the highest purity gases required by the makers of photovoltaic devices.

Gas Purification for Thin Film Deposition

The thin film active layers in copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar cells are frequently formed using sputter deposition. 

During this vaccum-based process, a plasma of electrons and ions are created from the inert argon gas. These ions dislodge atoms from the surface of a crystalline material which is then deposited to form an extremely thin coating on a substrate.

Multicomponent films can be deposited with excellent stiochiometric accuracy.

Pall argon purification products remove moisture, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons thereby:

  • improving film quality
  • reducing outgassing, leading to faster pump-down times

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Amorphous Silicon Thin Film and Anti-Reflective Coatings

Molecular contamination in the hydrogen and silane gases used to form the antireflective coatings or amorphous silicon films can lead to a number of process problems, such as non-uniform coatings and other types of defects arising from particle generation.

Gaskleen® II Purifiers reduce moisture and oxygen from hydrogen and silane gases to < 1 ppb.  The purifier has also demonstrated the ability to remove trace levels of siloxanes and dopant metals such as As, P, Al and B from silane.

Cost Effective Gas Filtration

Gaskleen Light Series Filter Assemblies are designed to provide state of the art gas filtration for the photovoltaic market while minimizing costs.