Ultrapure Water Filtration for Display Manufacturing

Achieving and maintaining ultrapure water (UPW) is extremely important in light of its widespread presence throughout the production of display devices.  

The technology of the industry has advanced so rapidly over the past few years that it has redefined cleanliness requirements, specifically with regard to the need for quantitatively removing colloidal silica, particles, total organic carbon (TOC), bacteria, pyrogens (bacterial fragments) and metal ions.  

A well-designed UPW system with strategically placed filters, will ensure achievement of this goal, since the type of filter selected in each of the key areas will make a measurable difference in ultimate quality.  

To meet the demands of a high-purity deionized (DI) water system, filters must:

  • Not contribute organic, particulate or metal ion contamination to the effluent stream. 
  • Not unload trapped contaminants or shed filter material. 
  • Be integrity testable to verify removal ratings. 
  • Perform identically from lot to lot. 
  • Have a low-pressure drop for long life and maximum economy.

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Pall provides filters for pre-reverse osmosis, resin trap, loop and point-of-use locations.  Removal of trace metals to the low ppt range can be accomplished with the IonKleen™ Purification series of cartridges.

Products for Ultrapure Water Filtration in Display Manufacturing

Filter Cartridges

Asymmetric P-Nylon Filter (Ultrapure Water Filtration)
Asymmetric P-Nylon Filter (Ultrapure Water Filtration)This filter's tapered pore design, with an opened upstream structure and a fine downstream region, allows for filtration removal ratings down to 20 nm with very low differential pressures.

Nexis® A Series Filter Cartridges
Nexis® A Series Filter CartridgesThis filter cartridge resists contaminant unloading even at high differential pressures.

Nexis® T Series Filter Cartridges
Nexis® T Series Filter CartridgesThis filter cartridge has a continuous gradient pore structure media thatprovides both prefiltration and final filtration.

Poly-Fine® XLD Series Filter Cartridge
Poly-Fine® XLD Series Filter CartridgeThis filter cartridge features an innovative merger of depth and pleated technologies that deliver high flow rates with low pressure drops.

Posidyne® UP Filter
Posidyne® UP FilterThe Posidyne UP filter is well suited for ultrapure water application for today's advanced semiconductor manufacturers.

Profile® II Filters
Profile® II FiltersProfile II filters are proven to remove 99.98% of the contaminants at their micron rating. They are ideally suited for pre-RO, resin trap and cooling water applications.

Profile® UP Filter
Profile® UP FilterThis Profile UP filter consists of a pleated, depth medium using the Ultipleat® filter geometry. The result is a resin trap, pre-RO or cooling water filter with superior flow vs. differential pressure capabilities.

Ultipleat® High Flow Filters
Ultipleat® High Flow FiltersThis filter is suited for applications such as cooling water, pre-RO, and resin trap filtration.

Ultipleat® High Flow Filter For Etchant Applications
Ultipleat® High Flow Filter
For Etchant ApplicationsThe Ultipleat High Flow Filter is designed for TFT LCD liquid applications, such as wet etching and cleaning.

Ultipleat® PK Filter
Ultipleat® PK FilterThis filter cartridge is designed for high flow rate, aqueous applications required on 7G and 8G liquid crystal display (LCD) processes.

Ultipleat® PKS Filter
Ultipleat® PKS FilterThis filter cartridge is designed for high flow rate, aqueous applications required for 5G to the newest generation of liquid crystal display (LCD) processes

Varafine VFSG Series Filter Cartridges
Varafine™ VFSG Series Filter CartridgesThis filter cartridge's proprietary highly asymmetric membrane helps ensure superior flow rates and long life.


Water-Fine Series Filter Cartridges
Water-Fine Series Filter CartridgesThis filter cartridge is a DI and high purity water filter with superior flow rates and long service life.



Fluoro-Plus II PFA Filter Housings
Fluoro-Plus™ II PFA Filter HousingsThis is a PFA single cartridge filter housing for critical chemical applications in electronics

Megaplast In-Line PFA Filter Housing
Megaplast™ In-Line PFA Filter HousingThis housing is designed to meet the stringent cleanliness and compatibility requirements of ultrapure chemicals.

Megaplast Polypropylene and PVDF Filter Housing (Ultrapure Water Filtration)
Megaplast™ Polypropylene and PVDF Filter Housings (Ultrapure Water Filtration)This filter housing is designed to provide excellent mechanical characteristics without utilizing any metallic components.