Non-Alcoholic Drinks Filtration Solutions

Learn how Pall serves alcohol-free beverage producers


With health, wellness and self-care becoming significant for a growing number of consumers, healthier choices are gaining ground. Fueled by changing consumer lifestyles, the beverage industry is driven by innovation, adoption of new technology and creativity.


Alcohol-free beverage producers are looking for ways to serve-up innovative flavors and functional ingredients in categories such as dairy, soft drinks, fruit juices, tea and cold brew coffee. Today, manufacturers deal with many pressing issues such as food contact compliance and safety, brand protection, environmental impacts and OPEX reduction. Pall Food & Beverage solutions help customers optimize their filtration process by controlling time, costs and resources.


Pall’s filtration and separation technologies provide the most comprehensive scope of supply to meet the most diverse challenges and enable manufacturers to:


  • Implement more sustainable solutions and processes to lower their carbon footprint,


  • Improve efficiencies within their current production process to increase speed-to-market,


  • Enhance the clarity and purity of its beverages,


  • Ensure product safety, quality, 


  • And most importantly, keep brand integrity intact.

Combining innovative solutions, process expertise, and a dedicated network of global specialists, Pall Food & Beverage drives global product consistency and customer profitability by protecting what matters: your brand. Learn more about our solutions for non-alcoholic drinks:


Non-Alcoholic Beverage Segments


Cold Brew Coffee


To maintain quality and control risk for Clostridium botulinum contamination, cold brew coffee manufacturers leverage our solutions. Pall filtration solutions remove coffee grinds and haze while downstream processing is designed for microorganism removal with technologies like membrane filtration.


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Bottled Water Filtration


Filters are used to remove particles that affect bottled water clarity and remove potentially harmful organisms like cryptosporidium oocysts. Pall products are found through bottled water production and assist production in bottled water filtration.


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Juice Filtration


Filtration is a key unit operation in the production of clarified juices such as apple, grape and cranberry. From clarification to final filtration, Pall helps to ensure shelf-stable, high-quality product for brand protection. Additionally, Pall’s GeneDisc® technology allows easy and rapid quality monitoring for the detection of spoilage organisms such as Thermophilic Acidophilic Bacilli (TAB) and yeast.


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Soft Drink Filtration


Precise separations are crucial to the quality, taste and color of soft drinks, tea and functional beverages for a cleaner product label. Pall’s filtration and separation technologies provide the most comprehensive scope of supply to meet diverse challenges, including food safety, brand protection, sustainability initiatives and the rising price of primary ingredients.


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