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Pall XChangr™

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Pall® Point-of-Use Water Filters, installed at tap and shower outlets, offer an immediate barrier against in-premise waterborne pathogens such as Legionella pneumophila and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Where installed, it is important to manage their installation duration and ensure they are exchanged according to the instructions for use. Pall Point-of-Use Water Filters are not restricted by volume throughput, but by validated service life.

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Pall XChangr

Vereinfachte Dokumentation

Manual documentation to record water filter location, filter type installed, batch number, date of installation and exchange, is common practice. Pall Point-of-Use Water Filters are labelled to best support this practice, however manual data recording is prone to human error and can be time consuming.  Pall Medical have developed an App to support easier documentation of their Point-of-Use Water Filters.


Using the Pall XChangr App simplifies the documentation process from installation to exchange. Simply scan the filter unit barcode and Pall XChangr will notify you when that filter has to be replaced. Scan the same filter unit barcode at the end of its lifetime and a report will be automatically generated and transferred into a format suitable for your Water Safety Plan record. Pall XChangr enables easier documentation of Pall Point-of-Use Water Filters exchange.    

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