Medical Filtration

The unsolvable, solved.

Vivid™ Plasma Separation Membrane


Pall’s Vivid Plasma Separation membrane is produced using a patented process resulting in a highly asymmetric membrane. Its asymmetry enables the capture of whole cells for the generation of plasma, negating the need for cell removal by centrifugation.


The Highly Efficient MGF50 Bacterial, Viral and Particulate Filter 

The Pall MGF50 is the next generation gas line filter with optimized flow path and ergonomic design to provide a highly efficient retention of particulate and liquid borne contaminants in medical gas line applications. It is customizable to your individual needs and supported by a high capacity production line.



Medical Filtration & Media

Innovative Solutions to Meet Your Each and Every Medical & Media Filtration Need

The medical industry is under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve quality in an unprecedented regulatory environment, and needless to say, the current crisis is doing all it can to make matters worse. Medical service providers face unseen challenges while trying to maintain compliance and incorporate technology into their solutions. We take great care to support our most important partners: healthcare facilities and medical manufacturers.


State of the Art Medical Filtration and Media


This support is crucial, as healthcare facilities and professionals are not set up to understand all the complexities of the industry, nor should they be: after all, professionals are taught to practice medicine, not deal with management in an increasingly complicated industry. We however are the industry leader for solving complicated business problems. It is our job to provide not only state of the art products such as our medical filtration and media solutions, but also offer the best support for these products to the medical professionals who will use them for the benefit of the patient.


Pall industry professionals are cutting-edge experts on industry trends and can help the medical community determine which solutions work best for their unique situation. We are able to support large and small organizations, providing the opportunity to scale operations up or down as needed. Let our expertise guide you through these unchartered waters, so you can get back to doing what you do best – and let us take care of the rest.


For more information on how Pall medical industry solutions, including medical filtration systems and media solutions can help you improve quality while reducing costs. Please click on the links to the appropriate segment and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The key message to filter through to you is: we protect what matters - every day.



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