COVID-19 Pandemic

Pall's Response to COVID-19

Pall’s role in the fight against COVID-19

While COVID-19 circumstances are rapidly changing and uncertain, we at Pall hold steadfast to our commitment to protect the health and well-being of our associates and our customers and to deliver essential Pall products—products that are needed now more than ever by people worldwide.


We are especially mindful of our associates’ health and well-being, as they safely work to manufacture and deliver our important products and services to customers. We take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and promote social distancing.


We balance those efforts with additional measures to ensure we can produce and deliver products to our customers—products that are essential to the work being done worldwide to combat COVID-19, such as developing a vaccine or producing urgently needed medical supplies.


Pall will always promote health and well-being as a priority, while working to supply essential products to our customers.

See below to learn more about our worldwide contribution to the fight against COVID-19:


Pall’s Role in Fast-Tracking Vaccine Production


From a small vial of vaccine to billions of doses, Dr. Clive Glover discusses Pall’s role in manufacturing scale-up for a COVID-19 vaccine with CBS News.


Scaling up to Stop the Spread


Pall Corporation awarded $4.9 million Department of Defense contract to build ventilator filter manufacturing line​.


Pall Joins Consortium to Expedite COVID-19 Vaccine Development


The consortium led by The University of Oxford is fast-tracking clinical trials beginning in April 2020





Protection Against the Spread of Airborne Disease


Reduce the airborne transmission of disease from mechanically ventilated patients by using Pall Breathing System Filters.


Keeping Aircraft Air Quality Safe


Palls aircraft air systems reduce high concentrations of dust, fibers, bacteria and other microorganisms which can cause potential health hazards to crews and passengers.


Making the Connection - Sterile Connectors Empower Viral Vaccine Production


Pall is supporting drug manufacturers globally with ready-to-use solutions that integrate easily into existing manufacturing systems and processes.





Helping Researchers Across the Globe


Learn how Pall Laboratory products are being used in COVID-19 research.


Better Lives, Better Planet


Pall’s products and people help life sciences and industrial customers make good products better, safer and even possible.