Commercial: Fixed Wing

Expertly engineered contamination control solutions for aircraft fluid systems

Technical innovation, custom design engineering, dedicated customer support and years of experience in the development and deployment of robust integrated filtration and separation equipment are the key elements which make Pall Aerospace a reliable partner in the implementation of contamination control solutions for your aircraft fluid systems.

We work closely with aircraft and system component Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that our filtration solutions meet or exceed stringent requirements demanded by the industry. From Cabin Air, to Nitrogen Generating Systems (NGS) or Fuel Tank Inerting Systems, decades of applications, design and manufacturing expertise and experience, coupled with end-user feedback, enable us to respond to system individual requirements with maximum flexibility and customized solutions to help our commercial partners avoid contamination of fluid systems and component parts.


Supported by our PUREservices, Pall Aerospace commercial fixed wing contamination control solutions will help you improve critical system reliability and performance, dramatically reducing maintenance costs, expanding the life of components and protecting the on-board comfort of crews and passengers.    



Cabin Air Filtration

Pall Aerospace provides bespoke cabin air filtration and separation solutions that ensure maximum levels of protection and efficiency against contaminants.    


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NGS/FTIS Protection and Enhancement

Pall Aerospace Nitrogen Generating System (NGS) /Fuel Tank Inerting System (FTIS) pre-filters use a four-stage separation process to considerably extend the life of Air Separation Modules (ASMs), resulting in reduced maintenance and replacement costs.   


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Electronics Cooling Filtration

We provide robust avionics (electronic equipment) cooling filtration solutions that remove free water and solid particulates from cooling air, ensuring the reliability of essential electronic systems is maintained.


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Diagnostic and Monitoring

Understanding that "you cannot control what you cannot measure" is at the core of every root-cause based proactive maintenance program. The goal of proactive maintenance is to extend equipment and component life by using techniques that address problems before they occur.


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Manifold, Assemblies and Elements

Our line of filter elements, assemblies, and manifolds provide optimum filtration levels, ensuring aerospace fluids stay consistently clean. 


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Last Chance Filters

Laser drilled and available in sintered, woven mesh (Rigimesh®) or composite mesh, Pall Aerospace Last Chance Filters come in standard ranges and sizes with filtration ratings from 15 to 450 micron. They are high strength, puncture and fatigue resistant, and suitable for high pressure and bi-directional flow applications requiring cleanliness up to class 00. 


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Green Run Protection

As a diagnostic and preventative maintenance tool, the Pall Aerospace Dirt Alert™ layer allows debris captured by the main system filter element to be viewed and analyzed before contamination build-up leads to hazardous and costly component failure in commercial fixed wing aircraft.


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Precision Valves

Air and other gases can contaminate pressurised hydraulic systems within commercial aircraft, proving detrimental to system performance and limiting the life cycles of hydraulic components. The Pall ARB valve solution automatically bleeds entrapped gases from the hydraulic fluid reservoirs of commercial aircraft, improving hydraulic system performance while and reducing costs associated with maintenance.    


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Pall Aerospace purifiers help you quickly and effectively eliminate contaminants from commercial fixed wing aircraft fluids, helping you reduce operating costs and prolong the life of service equipment.  


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