Less Is More

Your Chance for Maintenance Savings

Engines should be kept clear and free of contaminants, which cause irreversible damage. If you operate an Mi-17 without adequate engine air inlet protection, your business is sacrificing engine life and paying more in engine overhauls than necessary.


Tailored to unique mission environment requirements, our rigorous airborne contamination removal solutions, protect your helicopter’s engine and offer control over airborne threats such as sand, dust, salt, rain, ice, snow, and foreign objects.


Principle of Operation:


Expanded Benefits:


  • Ensures safer operations by protecting against sand & dust, FOD, snow and ice
  • Increased operational availability
  • Protect your assets against engine erosion
  • Increased time between overhauls


Protection against engine erosion

Increased time between overhauls

Ensures safer operations

Fit and Forget Solutions For Military Helicopters: Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-25, Mi-35, Mi-38

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The PA120 PUREair System is the latest technology offering the highest level of protection for your engine inlet air.