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As the Aviation Industry slowly starts to reconnect the world by welcoming people back on board, we know it will take some time before we can all feel comfortable in public spaces be it on land or in air.


There is a lot of content out there on this topic and the sheer volume can be discouraging when trying to find accurate information so as the original manufacturers of HEPA filters for the airline industry, we wanted to support our customers in their Return to Service / Welcome Back on Board (WBoB) campaigns and offer a set of assets that can help inform, clarify and reassure the general flying public about the quality of air onboard aircraft.                 




To request assets simply fill in the short form below and let us know which asset/s you are interested in.


We recognise that as your supplier of Cabin Air Quality solutions we have a responsibility to equip you not only with outstanding products but also with relevant content that highlights and explains the high level of particulate removal efficiency in Pall HEPA filters, and contributes to the industry wide effort to restore confidence in flying.


Although unusual for us to hold back from deep diving into the technical information that we’re so passionate about, we wanted to design, produce and deliver a set of general HEPA filtration assets that can help you inform and reassure passengers that the air they breathe on board your aircraft continues to be safe and clean.


The below content assets have been designed as plug/play content and can be packaged and delivered to Airline Communications or Passanger Experience teams upon request. Simply fill in the short form above and let us know which asset/s you are interested in and one of our Pall Aerospace Communciations team members will be in touch shortly. 



Did You Know social media content. 



As social media dual content campaign or stand alone.



Airline social media teams can access and repost this cotnent via a dedicated hashtag.





Content cards containing easy to digest HEPA filtration
efficiency messages.


  • In-flight print 
  • Airline website: PDF linked to HEPA mention
  • Pre-boarding information



PDF and where possible assets can be customised to match your brand colour pallete. 


Our logo is easy to search for quick access to the data behind these claims.





3min long Video/Animation explaining the science
behind HEPA filters and their efficiency.



  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • Airline website: video pop-up linked to HEPA
  • Passanger Newsletters


mp4 and file can be made available in full (3min) or specific sequences. 


Please note the above is only a short preview.