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Microbial Control With PCR 13

Brewery Filtration Systems for Microbial Control with PCR 13


Enclosed solutions for improved quality and yield

Changing requirements in the craft and micro brewing industries have encouraged brewers to rethink their production technologies. The constant growth in beer sales result in longer distribution time and increased shelf life demands what makes filtration essential for preserving the high product quality. Pall has a range of products that fit the needs from start-up brewpub to the largest craft brewers.


For a brewpub or microbrewery that wants to produce a more clarified beer, Pall has proven SUPRAdisc™ II (SDII) technology working in hundreds of breweries around the world.  This modular, sheet based, filter design is used for removal of yeast and other solids after the maturation process.  The SD II module sizing and service life is directly affected by beer filterability, which is influenced by the suspended solids load and the nature of the contaminants in the beer. Beer filterability is related to the length of sedimentation time in the maturation tank.


There are two significant aspects of SD II design which enable best possible service life and an economical solution, in spite of lower beer filterability.


  • SD II 410 mm/16 inch diameter modules offer the highest filtration area among lenticulars in the industry, namely 5 m2 / 53.8 ft2, exceeding the closest commercially available ones by 28%.
  • The ability to regenerate and reuse the modules is the other aspect which positively impacts service life.


For mid to large size craft breweries, the PROFi beer filtration system is designed for the clarification of beer after fermentation/maturation. The system utilizes a membrane filtration downstream a customer owned centrifuge. Combining the most appropriate technology for separation of the different solids allows for a filter design, which is characterized by a gentle beer filtration combined with excellent economics.


The centrifuge enables separation of solids like yeast, coarse colloids and stabilizing materials prior to filtration system. The membrane filtration block (MBL) removes colloidal fine particles, remaining yeast and haze forming substances.

With low solids in the membrane system, the energy requirement or crossflow velocity used to control the fouling layer is minimal. This results in extremely gentle beer processing.


The PROFi Craft system operates without yeast beer tank and without pre and after runs, which allows a more compact system design, smaller installation footprint, reduced waste volumes and better control of process. Additionally, with DE-free filtration, there is no exposure to iron or manganese which can have negatively affect both flavor and oxidation. Furthermore, the enclosed system design results in extremely low oxygen pick up.