Effective solutions for flavor particle separation

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Flexible, Cost-Effective Solutions for Particle Removal from Flavors


Many flavors today are made from natural raw materials. The extraction of plant parts can be compared to the preparation of tea, whereby different extraction media are used. After the extraction, there are often small to medium-sized plant particles present in the extraction medium. Therefore, an evident but important first step in flavor manufacturing is the removal of such particles that, if left, will lead to a collection over time at the bottom or on the top of the packaging. Traditional methods of removal at this stage in the process include using bag filters. As particles may pass through the bag filter media or immediately clog the bags, this can negatively affect the costs and quality of the final product.


Particle Removal 


Effective removal solutions include the use of a coarse filter like a Poromesh basket. An in-to-out filtration solution, stainless steel Poromesh baskets have a significant retention capability. While there are different options depending on your requirements, benefits include:

  • Stainless steel filter material allows multiple cleaning cycles and regenerations over the years
  • Significant retention capacity
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive environments
  • Cost-effective, easy clean options
  • Lower cleaning frequency options
  • High performance, lower maintenance

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