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Natural Protection

European Mineral Water Bottlers Protection

The regulations regarding microbial issues for bottled water are currently different in Europe and the USA. Pall Corporation has developed filtration technology that meets the requirements for each area. This section contains information for water bottlers that follow the European bottled water filtration regulations.


EU Directive for Mineral Natural Waters


The European bottled water regulations concerning the exploitation and commercialization of mineral natural waters is European directive 80/777/EEC, modified by the directive 96/70/EC. The directive prohibits any treatment that may modify the microbiological content of the water.


Pall Corporation has filtration specialists available to help Mineral Water bottlers protect the natural quality of the Mineral Water from external potential contamination in respect of the existing EU bottled water filtration directive.


The CDC and EPA Recommendation


On June 15, 1995, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) issued a press advisory for people with weakened immune systems, which was supported by the EPA. 


"...Among the most effective point-of-use filters are those labeled reverse osmosis or "Absolute" one micron filters or those certified by the National Sanitation Foundation* International under Standard 53 for "Cyst Removal."


"The nominal one micron filter may not reliably remove Cryptosporidium."


*The name "National Sanitation Foundation" was changed to NSF International in 1991"