Bottled Water Utilities Filtration

Ensure microbiological stability bottles or cans

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Utilities Filtration of Bottled Water

To ensure microbiological stability in the bottle or cans, it is necessary to guarantee the quality of services such as water, steam, and gases that are either in direct or indirect contact with the product to be bottled or canned. 


Examples include the pressurized gas used in isobaric filling machines, the water used for cleaning the facility and the bottles, as well as for rinsing and sanitizing the filtration system, and the steam used for sterilization. All of these fluids can contain a variety of contaminants, which, if not removed, can cause costly recontamination. Pall’s solutions include Emflon® PFR filters for gas sterilization, Ultipor® GF Plus and the Profile® II family of filters for the filtration of cleaning water, and PSS® filters for the removal of solid contaminants from the steam used for sterilization.