Pulp & Paper: Oil Hydraulic & Lubrication

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Perfect the Process for Pulp & Paper

Improve the Reliability of Crucial Process Fluids in Pulp and Paper Industry

The pulp and paper industry requires machinery and equipment that can deliver the right control and maintenance of fluids at the desired operating conditions. Contamination is an undeniable fact in mill systems. This can be avoided by properly selecting filtration technologies that ensure a consistent level of contamination control throughout the process. 


Servicing the pulp and paper industry for over 30 years, our range of filtration and separation technologies is developed for the demands of the pulp and paper industry. Improving the reliability of crucial process fluids that protect assets and optimize the process, our technologies provide the highest level of protection while reducing the total cost of operation. 


Pulp and paper industry hydraulic and lubrication oil equipment solutions include AthalonTM filter elements for particulate filtration, purifiers for water and entrained gas separation, and SUPRAdisc™ for varnish removal. These premium products present a comprehensive approach to asset protection and process optimization of gearboxes, lubrication system of the dry end, wet end, calendars.



Athalon™ Stress Resistant Filter Technology (SRT) – Particulate Filtration


Athalon™ removes particulate contamination from the environment and friction wear that will result in worn bearings, seals, and actuators. It is rated Beta x(c) ≥ 2000. 


Water, Condensation, and Entrained Gas Separation Systems


Our purifiers do not require that the oil be heated. Using vacuum dehydration, these industry-leading purifiers are able to remove nearly 100% of free water and up to 90% of dissolved water in unlimited quantities while removing entrained gas. 


SUPRAdisc™ Varnish (sludge / tar) Separation


SUPRAdisc removes varnish as well as gels, colloids, and fine particles caused by extreme heat and thermal breakdown of fluids. This helps hydraulic and lubrication systems from contaminant accumulation on bearings and servo valves, which creates sluggish and unresponsive operation or even complete, catastrophic system failure.


Our range of filtration and separation technologies developed for the demands of the pulp and paper industry improve the reliability of crucial process fluids, protect assets and optimize process. Click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.  

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