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Pulp and Paper Machine Process

The pulp and paper industry needs a comprehensive approach to asset protection and process optimization. Improving the reliability and availability of paper making machine process fluids to reduce total cost of operation can make your papermaking operations more productive. Demand for pulp and paper machine process fluid filtration solutions is driven by water and energy needs, imperatives for quality and productivity, high-tech products and processes, increasing regulations and rising standards of living.


Increase Paper Machine Capacity with Premium Fluid Filtration Solutions for Pulp and Paper 


The machinery and equipment in operation in pulp and paper mills is highly dependent on the proper control and maintenance of fluids to desired operating conditions. From hydraulics to lubrication, recycled waters and ClO2 generators  to boiler feed water, the reliability and availability of a pulp and paper mill can be improved by the proper selection of filtration technologies – technologies that ensure consistent levels of contamination control throughout the paper manufacturing process. Maintaining a specified level of fluid cleanliness is critical to the operation and reliability of the systems involved in paper machine process.


Our pulp and paper making machine process fluid filters are designed to provide the highest level of protection from beginning to end of service life. Technically-advanced products for monitoring water and particulate contamination levels on-line are specifically designed to help paper machines achieve increased uptime, lower maintenance costs and high capacity. For industrial manufacturing processes and mobile equipment, achieve the process improvements and cost savings you desire with our unique capability to take responsibility for the cleanliness of your operation.


Make sure the fluids entering your plant meet specifications and insure system reliability and product quality. Pall offers several premium solutions for fluid filtration in paper making.

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A complete water treatment for the entire plant

Pall ‘melt blown’ filtration products utilize an innovative process of extruding fibers to optimize filter performance, ensuring process fluids flow easily and stay clean. These products are available in depth, fan pleat, and patented laid over pleat (Ultipleat®) designs for various process fluids in general and for methanol, sodium chlorate and sulfuric acid in particular


Rigimesh® Filter Elements

Pall Condensate Recovery Water Products operate at elevated temperatures and process conditions. In addition, a range of synthetic and inorganic products are available to meet every challenging process condition.


Pall Aria™


These micro-filtration industrial water treatment systems remove pathogens, turbidity, iron, manganese and other contaminants from surface water to help produce high quality boiler feed water. They can stand alone or be used in a reverse osmosis system, which can be sized for plant expansions or used as a complete water treatment system for the entire plant.


We offer a range of premium solutions for pulp and paper that provide asset reliability and process improvements through contamination control. For more information click here to contact a Pall expert.

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