CMP filters eliminate contaminants and control slurry size, shape, and chemistry leading to higher yields and fewer defects.


Data Storage CMP Filtration That Improves Process Capability And Reduces Microscratches.

Our CMP filters are designed to maximize process performance by controlling the shape, size, and concentration of slurry particles leading to higher yields and fewer defects. By implementing our industry leading filter designs, slurry particle size, shape, and density of Large Particle Counts (LPCs) can be controlled to specified process parameters.


Effective filtering leads to a reduction in defects and process excursions that can reduce micro scratches. Our experts will work to maximize a site’s filtering schemes to increase slurry life and extend the life of slurry distribution systems via proper implementation. Our CMP filters have continuously profiled pore structure for built-in prefiltration and long service life.



Slurry filters are normally situated in two locations in a hard disk polishing system: in the slurry recirculation loop and at the point-of-use (POU) where a capsule filter is installed closer to the polish tool. Pall Corporation offers a variety of media and configurations for both bulk and POU applications to enable substrate/media producers to meet ultra-smooth wafer requirements. Pall’s filters can be customized for different working pressures as well as slurry chemistries. By implementing Pall’s CMP filtering systems, process stability can be achieved.



  • Enhanced process control and stability
  • Increased area/process efficiency
  • Extended slurry life
  • Reduced Microscratches


Our CMP Filters improve any CMP process by eliminating contaminants and controlling slurry size, shape, and chemistry. Contact Pall expert show you how to optimize your CMP slurry filtration to maximize process performance.

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