Our filters reduce defects that affect the quality of the nickel plated substrate.


Pall Plating Filtration – Preventing Defects

Our plating filters protect the aluminum substrate, and help to effectively control the plating process. Effective filtering reduces defects on the nickel plated substrate. Defects are minimized that could possibly affect the hardness and the corrosion of the substrate.  Common defects like micro-pitting are reduced with Pall’s filtering solutions. Implementing efficient filter systems keeps process and plating rates stable and reduces downtime from plating bath excursions.  We offer a variety of membrane options which provide excellent removal retention for the nickel plating process.



  • Nickel Plating Baths
  • Bulk chemical delivery systems



  • Enhanced process control and stability
  • Extended chemical/bath life
  • Reduction in common defects


Our filters reduce defects that affect the quality of the nickel plated substrate.  Contact a Pall expert show you how you can optimize your plating filtration to maximize your processes performance.

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