Midstream Black Powder Removal Solutions

Upgrade the Removal of Black Powder in Gas Pipelines

Cyclo-Filter System

Profile Coreless filters remove very fine particles while providing a long service life.

Pall’s Profile Coreless filters have been proven in the field to be well suited for gas filtration by resolving issues with compressor fouling, blocked orifice meters and furnace nozzles, contaminated instrumentation and control valves, pipeline wall build-up, and off-spec/contaminated gas.. Due to their depth and graded pore construction, Profile Coreless  filters remove very fine particles while providing a long service life.


For higher solids and liquids loading requirements, the addition of upstream cyclonic separation results in the Cyclo-Filter System, offering high efficiency black powder removal and long filter service life.  Three styles of Cyclo-Filter are available to suit your needs:


Pall Black Powder Solutions


1st generation Cyclo-Filter


  • Low pressure drop
  • Handles solid and liquid upsets beyond original design conditions


2nd generation Cyclo-Filter


  • Low pressure drop
  • Better ability to handle liquids
  • Fewer filter cartridges
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Reduced downtime to replace filter cartridges
  • Maintenance operations at ground level
  • More user-friendly control system


3rd generation Cyclo-Filter


  • Filter has smaller footprint
  • Easier to operate
  • Capex reduced by about 30% for a duty/stand-by unit
  • Opex reduced as a result of much shorter downtime for maintenance
  • Much higher liquid separation performance than with reverse cyclone
  • Non-pressure retaining vessel, cheap and easy to maintain
  • Closed container holds contaminants until point of discharge , easy and safer to transport
  • Adaptable configuration to changing operating conditions without modification of filter vessel
  • Replacement can be carried within one day without touching filter bundle
  • Separator module performance proven by lab test certificate combined with CFD modeling (CETIAT institute, France)


Profile Coreless Case Study


Successful field tests on a Middle East petrochemical facility receiving natural gas (sales gas) from the gas grid showed the benefits of Pall's Profile Coreless filters. The plant had reported several operational and maintenance issues, mainly on the compressor.


After a 20-month run with Profile Coreless filters, the facility reported a reduction in maintenance costs as a result of better protection of downstream equipment.


An average filtration cost of less than $10/100 MMSCFD ($10/118,000 Sm3/hr), represented a reduction of approx. 10 times previous filtration operating costs. In addition, this facility saw a reduction in volume of waste and associated disposal costs.


Our coreless filters can remove very fine particles of black powder in gas pipelines and downstream process protection while providing a long service life. For more information, visit our product catalog to see purchase information, or fill out the form below to talk to a Pall expert.

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