Biogas Filtration and Separation Solutions

From installation to production, we can provide cost-effective, reliable solutions and support to meet biogas production

In the challenge to meet climate change requirements globally, the use of biogas has earnt its place. Two critical challenges present themselves in our modern world where biogas can play a key role – dealing with increasing amounts of organic waste produced through animal, industrial and food sources, and tackling the reduction of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. By processing organic waste, biogas offers an alternative to natural gas. Not only does this reduce waste at landfill, but it helps to mitigate the methane emissions that would have otherwise escaped, diminishing its climate impact.


Increasing awareness about the effect of GHG into the environment has paved the way for biomass producing plants around the world, providing a positive impact on the demand for biogas. And with the support of government initiatives around the world, it is an attractive investment market, projected to reach USD 31.69 billion by 2027


Why is biogas filtration important?


From installation to production, we can provide cost-effective, reliable solutions and support.


The cleaning and filtration of biogas is a complex but essential process. The production of biogas happens through anaerobic (oxygen-free) technology and consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide. However, it can also contain small amounts of hydrogen sulphide, siloxanes and moisture, all of which can have a detrimental effect on the production process.  To maximize methane output and protect critical equipment like compressors and membranes, it’s important to eliminate as much of impurities as possible through particle filtration and liquid/gas coalescence methods. Without efficient filtration and separation technologies, heavily contaminated gases can lead to compressor corrosion, abrasion in moving parts, purification units degradation and unscheduled downtime for repair, which can all result in loss of output. Having reliable technology, support and expertise to tackle these threats to the smooth running of your plant is achievable through partnership with us.





Quality Built from Experience in the Biogas Industry


With a reputation demonstrated by trusted partnerships with major biogas industry players, we can provide the people, knowledge, and innovative product solutions to support our customers. Our expertise and design capabilities enable us to interpret and define filtration and separation packages that deliver reliability, high performance, and trouble-free service.


Early partnership for biogas solutions with Pall will provide the following benefits:

  • Ability and agility to support projects at every stage
  • Access to global project and engineering teams with the qualification and experience to provide a smooth execution – delivered on time and on budget.
  • Local support of packagers by applying the Pall network to smaller but equally critical projects
  • Flexibility to meet the even the most demanding engineering standards.
  • A technology pool that allows us to develop solutions to previously unsolved, highly complex fluid challenges

A few Pall products to support biogas filtration and purification:




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