The Pall ZEF Contiflux® Filtration System

The Pall ZEF Contiflux® Filtration System

Product: Pall ZEF Contiflux® filter


There is an increasing demand for improved economy and product quality in solid liquid separation processes. These requirements are met by a continuous mechanical separation process used in the Pall ZEF Contiflux® filtration system. 


Principles of Operation

Rotating filter elements and fixed scrapers which allow the level of concentrated solids developing above a defined ‘cake’ height during each rotation, to be scraped off and discharged to waste.


Due to the rotation of the filter elements, the scraped off cake is resuspended and then, depending on the required solid consistency, discharged out of the pressure vessel or returned in order to increase the degree of concentration. The scrapers may be adjusted in height (on request), leave a product-related minimum residual cake coating which guarantees a constantly high separation effect.


The Pall ZEF Contiflux® filtration system allows an exact control of the filter cake resistance and of the differential pressure.



• Continuous filtration of suspended solids

• Concentration of solids

• Enclosed filtration process

• Direct filtration without filter aids

• Separate product feed for each filter element

• Defined filter cake height • Rotating filter elements

• Fully automated filtration process

• High pressure cleaning in place for individual filter elements



Operating Method

The suspension is distributed over the rotating filter elements (3) by a series of distribution pipes (1), fed by a common feed pipe (2). Solids separation and filtrate flow into the central filtrate collection shaft (4) is achieved by the pressure difference.


The level of filter cake developing on the rotating filter elements is limited by the scraper blades (5) to a cake height. The concentrated suspension is discharged from the ZEF filter and can be returned to the process if required.