Optimizing Your LNG And Gas Processing Unit


Join Pall experts to learn best practices for protecting your gas processing plant while increasing productivity and reliability by:


  • Protecting critical equipment, catalyst and absorbents
  • Ensuring OnSpec Products
  • Minimizing process excursions and upsets
  • Minimizing corrosion
  • Preventing unscheduled shutdown



Thomas H. Wines, PhD.


Director, Applications Development


Pall Corporation


Thomas H. Wines is currently a Director of Applications Development for Pall Corporation’s Fluid
Technologies & Asset Protection (FTAP) Group.

Prior to assuming the above role, Tom was Director of Product Management, Senior Marketing Manager and Senior Staff Engineer for the Scientific and Laboratory Services Division at Pall. He has 30 years of filtration, separation, and purification experience serving the refinery, gas processing, and chemical industries, and is a specialist in the fields of liquid/gas and liquid/liquid coalescing. He has authored 48 technical publications and given numerous presentations in this field at professional societies. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and is a member of AIChE.



Lindsay McRae


Oil and Gas, and Refineries Market Leader


Pall Corporation


Lindsay has over 25 years' experience in all aspects of filtration & separations solutions around refineries, gas processing, LNG and petrochemical plants including amine, glycol, hydrotreaters, molecular sieves, mercury removal units, distillation units, reformers, caustic treaters, alkylation, isomerisation, hydrocrackers, lube oil plants, gasification, utilities, final products filtration, and FCC / RFCC units.


Lindsay has worked on new product development, scoping studies, debottlenecking projects, clean fuels upgrades, and environmental protection projects. His current role is providing technical advice, training, and licensor liaison for refining & oil and gas industry and supporting Pall Corporation sales specialists across Asia wid


Lindsay has written or co-written over a dozen technical papers and presented at technical conferences including ARTC, BBTC, RRTC, LARTC, SOGAT, Lawrence Reid, Refinery Technology Meet and various FCC Technology Forums

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