Improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of the stamping process in automotive manufacturing.

Effective Fuel Treatment

Liquid Fuel Treatment Systems Protect Turbine and Lead to Highest Efficiencies

Our unique range of filtration, purification, and monitoring solutions for both process and hydraulics applications improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of the stamping process in automotive manufacturing.


Steam and gas turbines are dependent on pure fuel in order for ideal combustion, efficient heat transfer and proper power generation. Pall Liquid Fuel Treatment systems remove contaminants in fuel to exceed stringent purity requirements of new generation combustion turbines. Contaminant free fuel enables combined cycle systems to optimize power production and enable better control of integral steam and gas functions. Properly sized, installed and maintained treatment systems play a key role in turbine preventative maintenance planning. Our durable filtering and treatment products keep fuel to high purity standards needed to ensure the quality of the combined cycle process. The result of effective fuel treatment is cleaner turbine combustion leading to more efficient power production. 


Engineered to curb contamination 


We bring a complete approach to fuel treatment management for combined cycle plants to minimize particle ingression into fuel systems. By implementing economical Pall filter schemes, contaminants and aerosols are minimized to prevent:


  • Increased downtime and loss of production
  • Costly fluid disposal and component replacement
  • Increased operating and maintenance costs
  • Decreased efficiency of energy transmission
  • Inhibited effective heat transfer
  • Leakage, wear of elastomers and seals
  • Corrosive wear to turbine shafts and fuel injection nozzles 


Combine cycle system components need clean fuel to efficiently combust and create power. Pall’s filters and treatment systems are engineered to curb contamination that inhibit a turbine system’s primary functions.

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A higher degree of protection

Eliminating the need for upstream bulk separation equipment

The Pall SepraSol™ Plus Liquid/Gas Coalescer removes liquids and solids from fuel streams that contain high concentrations of unwanted liquids and aerosols. Pall Corporation’s staff of research scientists and engineers have designed these coalescers that change the way fuel streams are conditioned. Pall SepraSol Plus media can process several times more liquid per unit area of media than conventional media and often eliminates the need for upstream bulk separation equipment like mist eliminators and vane separators.


The SepraSol Plus media is supplied in a large flow, high performance 6-inch diameter cartridge that can economically treat fuels flows in combined cycle applications that require a high degree of protection from both solids and liquids including. SepraSol Plus Coalescers protect turbines by removing lubrication oil, water and compressor wear products from effluent fuel streams. Removing liquid aerosols from fuel streams prevent turbines from corrosive wear on their internal blades and on the fuel injection nozzles that supply fuel to the turbine. Our systems are ideal for properly cleaning dirty fuel to protect low Nox burners and fuel injection nozzles.    




  • Extended operating life turbines
  • Increased plant efficiency and decreased unplanned downtime
  • Enhanced process control
  • Lower maintenance and unplanned costs
  • Extended fuel life


Pall Fuel Treatment Systems are the most economical and durable option to deliver clean efficient fuel to your combined cycle turbines. Click here to let a Pall expert optimize your fuel filtration to maximize your combined cycle plant’s performance. 

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