Gas Turbines Control Fluids

Inhibited effective heat transfer

Get Corrosion Under Control

The Control Fluid Solution for Gas Turbines

Contaminated gas turbine control fluids can cause plant downtime and negatively impact production. Control fluid filters minimize fluid contaminants and guard crucial components from corrosion and enables turbines to run at peak efficiencies.


Gas turbines can be harmed by control fluid contamination that decreases energy transmission and introduces friction to the various components. Our control fluid filters remove contaminants in hydraulic fluids and systems to optimize power and control combined cycle steam plant functions. Our products keep the hundreds of control loops in a steam plant within the required operating range to ensure the quality of the process. By implementing Pall filter schemes, contaminants are minimized to prevent:


  • Increased operating and maintenance costs
  • Inhibited effective heat transfer
  • Corroded seals between moving parts
  • Leakage, wear of elastomers and seals 
  • Erosive wear to valve body


Our filters limit the contamination that inhibits a control system’s primary functions so system components efficiently perform the necessary functions for high and low pressure applications.




  • Globe Valves
  • Three-way valves 
  • Angle Valves
  • Ball Valves 
  • Segmented Ball Valves




  • Extended operating life of control valves
  • Increase plant efficiency 
  • Enhanced process control
  • Low leakage rates  
  • Extended control fluid life 


Keep gas turbine control fluids under control with fluid filtration.

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