SepraLYTETM Liquid Gas Coalescers


Introducing Pall’s new SepraLYTE liquid gas coalescers. Specially designed for the Green Hydrogen market, SepraLYTE coalescers remove liquid aerosols from Hydrogen gas with minimal pressure drop and small vessel size.


SepraLYTE liquid/gas coalescers are well suited for separation applications where maximum allowable pressure drop is a constraint. The main advantage of SepraLYTE is the compact design that enables significant size reduction and capex savings for green hydrogen producers. Additionally, the polypropylene coalescer media ensures chemical compatibility with a wide range of process conditions.


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Introducing SepraLYTE Coalescers


Installing SepraLYTE Coalescers


How SepraLYTE Coalescers work


Green Hydrogen production process

Simplified working of SepraLYTE Liquid Gas Coalescer

Green hydrogen gas, generated using an electrolyzer powered by renewable energy, often contains aerosols. For instance, in alkaline electrolyzers, the hydrogen gas produced contains a significant amount of liquid electrolyte in the form of mist dispersed within the gas stream, typically consisting of about 30% potassium hydroxide solution. It is important to remove these aerosols as they can have a negative impact on subsequent hydrogen processing steps.


However, green hydrogen producers encounter various challenges during this stage. The pressure drop available for removing electrolyte aerosols may be limited depending on the technology used. Moreover, the product must be chemically compatible to withstand the highly corrosive nature of the 30% potassium hydroxide solution. Additionally, in order to reduce capital expenditures, green hydrogen producers aim to achieve this in a compact separation system.


Pall’s new SepraLYTE™ Liquid Gas Coalescer has been designed to address these challenging needs of green hydrogen producers.

SepraLYTE Liquid Gas Coalescers provide:


Low pressure drop


Chemical compatibility


Compact design

Maximize your green hydrogen process with Sepralyte Liquid Gas Coalescers. Contact our experts and let us help you take your process to the next level.


Read the full SepraLYTE Press Release here

Benefits of SepraLYTE’s compact design


Significant capex reduction


Ease of Handling


Ease of transportation