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Wind turbine solutions increase operational life, reduce maintenance costs, and extend service intervals.


The efficiency of wind turbine systems increases operational life, reduces maintenance costs, and extends service intervals.


Reliability and efficiency are paramount for manufacturers and operators of wind turbines. These factors, along with remote fluid condition monitoring and ease of scheduled component maintenance, are crucial for their successful and viable operations.


We offer high-quality filter elements and filter housings to address wind turbine issues. Our filtration solutions protect equipment in harsh environmental conditions, including salt spray from offshore installations and blown sand in deserts. Our robust designs are perfect for the unique demands of the wind turbine industry and save operators money by extending regular maintenance intervals & enhancing reliability.

Pall Solutions for Efficient Operation of Wind Turbine Systems


1. Pitch control hydraulic system filtration

2. Hub bearing lubrication system

3. Fluid Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS)

4. Protection against airborne contaminants

5. Hydraulic brake system

6. Yaw drive hydraulic system filtration

7. Gearbox lubrication filtration

  • Inline Protection

  • Offline Filters

  • Fluid Condition Monitoring Systems


Primary Application: Hub bearing, Gearbox protection, All pitch; yaw and brake hydraulic controls


Protect from harmful solid contaminants that can cause blockage, prevent the operation of valves and when trapped between moving surfaces in pumps and bearings cause and accelerate wear. Any contaminants remaining in the fluid downstream of inline filters have to pass through the system, and potentially the smallest operating clearances before they can be filtered again. It is vital that inline filters are selected and sized to remove harmful contaminants effectively in a single pass, have sufficient capacity to store captured contaminants during the expected service interval and are sized to allow full flow without by-pass (no filter!) operation during normal operation. The contaminant removal must be maintained under operating conditions (variable flow rates, vibration, fluid viscosity changes, increasing resistance to flow as contaminants are captured etc.) rather than laboratory testing conditions.

Our easy to install Athalon™ return line filters feature elements made from inert, inorganic fibers in a coreless, Laid-Over Pleat (LOP) design configuration that maximizes the available filter capacity to extend filter service life. The filter element is resistant to high cyclic flow stress and dirt loading, has a Betax(c) ≥ 2000 efficiency rated (the highest rating in the industry today), and has anti-static properties to prevent the detrimental effects of electrostatic discharge. Athalon filter housings are also quick, safe, and easy to maintain by unscrewing the filter cap rather than removing the complete filter bowl.


Primary Application: Gearbox protection


Protect from harmful solid, gelatinous and water contamination that typically cause gradual or accumulated harm (varnish coating, sludge forming, corrosion etc.) rather than presenting a significant concern in a single pass of the fluid system. Typically, the filter rating to remove these types of contaminants is finer than required for inline filters, and so if used in full flow (inline) operation the filter size to provide an acceptable pressure loss would be too large for the application. The filters are sized and constructed to provide efficient removal of these contaminants at a lower flow rate, often with auxiliary pumps & controls to enable steady state fluid conditions, maximizing capture and storage.


These lightweight, long-service life filters are not as susceptible to pressure drop limits and fine filtration is therefore possible.  Servicing is also simple as the filter system is independent of the turbine.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”


To ensure the filtration solution (often a combination of in-line and off-line filters) is providing the protection required, it is important that frequent (preferable continuous) monitoring of fluid cleanliness and condition is undertaken.


This can be invaluable in alerting of imminent failure before forced downtime (planned rather than reactive repair) and in optimizing fluid and filter change-out to maintain effective operation (predictive maintenance rather than fixed interval).


Pall monitoring solutions include fluid cleanliness monitors and filter condition indicators. Additionally, Pall in-line water sensors provide real-time measurement of dissolved water content in oils, warning of the potential formation of damaging free water in the gearbox and lube oil system. Pall can also apply years of accumulated knowledge to help translate raw data into meaningful information.


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Pall Filtration Solutions for Wind Turbines


Wind turbine filtration solutions increase operational life, reduce maintenance costs, and extend service intervals.


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