Steam Condensate Filtration Solutions

Our condensate polishing systems in power plants use high energy backflush blasts to remove contaminate from filter surfaces

Simple Operation

Choose trusted and cost-effective condensate systems in power plants

An increase in boiler feed water regulation has pushed the power industry to opt for new and more effective condensate polishing systems. These filtration systems help meet new requirements, satisfy higher efficiency demands, and provide better power production reliability.



Pall advanced condensate system in power plants can be retrofitted to existing systems. These condensate polishing systems use high energy backflush blasts to remove contaminate from filter surfaces.


The Pall Hydro-Guard Demin and Advanced Demin systems use absolute filtration and high-quality components to deliver excellent condensate deionization and absolute iron oxide filtration. The Advanced Hydro-Guard regenerable backwash filters provides particle removal efficiencies in excess of 98%.

Benefits  of steam condensate treatment


  • High energy backflush
  • Simple operation
  • High-quality valves
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced downstream deep bed cleaning and regeneration


The Pall Ultipleat High Flow System is propriety, large-diameter disposable filter system. This system has a long filter life and is easy to change out. Suspended contaminates are captured in the unique inside out filter flow design.


  • Reduces the need for chemical treatment prior to Reverse Osmosis
  • Can be monitored and controlled remotely
  • Influent Flexible to handle variations in water quality and flow rates. 


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