High Temperature Gas & Air Filtration for Steam Power Plants

Our High Temp Filtration systems protect against integral components inside heat exchangers from erosion and corrosion

Efficient Power Production

High Temp Filtration Systems Control Particulate Emissions and Protect Heat Exchangers 


Pall High Temp Filtration systems for steam power plants minimize particulate transmission in steam exhaust systems and protect integral components inside heat exchangers from erosive wear, thermal degradation and corrosion.  


Our High Temp Gas & Air Filtration systems oppress particulate transmission in steam exhaust systems in order to protect integral components inside heat exchangers from erosion and corrosion. Without effective filtering solutions, re-used gases are unable to allow the turbine to operate at peak efficiencies due to particle contamination that causes increased friction forces on critical internal moving components.


High functioning filtration systems are necessary in order to reuse exhaust gases to reduce costs and lead to more efficient power production. System components need clean gases to efficiently perform the necessary functions for high and low pressure applications needed in steam plants. 


Properly sized, installed and maintained high temperature filtration systems.


Steam and gas turbines are dependent on sterile gases in order to control the high gas flows and pressures for efficient power production. Any influx of particles from the re-used exhaust streams can cause corrosion on heat exchangers and decrease the overall heat transfer leading to lower efficiencies. Properly sized, installed, and maintained gas and air filtration plays a key role in preventative maintenance planning and can be a beneficial cost reduction strategy by simply providing clean gas & air to steam plants.


Our durable filtering products keep exhaust and reused gases of the plant within the required operating range to ensure the quality of the process. We offer the largest variety of filter media, element sizes and configurations, and filter grades in the industry. Choosing the best filter element for applications depends largely on the process conditions, solids loading, gas composition, maximum allowable pressure drop, and the characteristics of the filter medium. Pall Schumasiv Ceramic Membrane filter elements offer an outstanding filtration efficiency at high flux rates usually present in exhaust gases. Pall Accusep Metallic Media Filters key features include the finest removal rating metal medium, miniscule vessel diameter, are not susceptible to thermal shock, and are designed with a fixed pore structure. 

By implementing economical Pall filter schemes, contaminants are minimized to prevent:


  • Increased downtime and loss of production
  • Costly heat exchanger component replacement
  • Decreased efficiency of energy transmission from re-used gases
  • Introduced friction to lubricated parts
  • Inhibited effective heat transfer of heat exchangers


Pall High Temp Gas and Air Filters are the most economical and durable option to keep contaminants minimized in steam exhaust to protect heat exchangers. Click here to let a Pall expert optimize your steam exhaust filtration to reduce costs and maximize your steam plant’s performance.

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