Pall Emflon® HTPFR filter cartridges are specifically designed for the sterile filtration of gas in critical applications in the biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, where the following environmental conditions maybe present:

High-temperature applications where the gas to be filtered exceeds 60ºC in continuous operation, including autoclave, fermentation inlet air, aseptic packaging/blow-fill-seal and hot Water For Injection (WFI) tank vents.

Ozonated-water tank vent applications

Oxygen-enriched applications in fermenter or bioreactor applications where improved aeration enables higher product yield.

Pall Emflon® HTPFR incorporate a double-layer (0.2 μm) of inherently hydrophobic, Pall-manufactured polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane. The polypropylene hardware is specially formulated with protective anti-oxidants and the filter’s support and drainage layers are made of polyphenylsulphide (PPS) polymer to minimize combustibility. Oxidation-resistant membrane and cartridge components allow extended use in air/vent service up to 100°C and for shorter periods up to 120°C.

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