In general, Pall does not recommend performing an integrity test at temperatures above 50°C when using water as the wetting fluid.

Forward Flow measurements at temperatures above 50 °C are considerably higher than at ambient temperature, and are more difficult to keep constant to the ±1 °C test specification.  This may introduce inaccuracies in the measurement and in calculating appropriate test limits.  When integrity testing is performed at elevated temperatures, the use of jacketed housing or a heating jacket is recommended to keep the temperature stable during the test.

While Pall can provide calculated test limits for elevated temperatures when water is used as the wetting fluid, additional testing should be performed to confirm these limits.  In addition, monitoring actual test results by the end user can also show that these limits are appropriate.

Please contact a Pall representative if you would like more information on developing Forward Flow and Bubble Point limits for all wetting fluids at elevated temperatures.