There is no general rule to this and depends on the filter application.

The user should qualify the filter change-out frequency for their specific application, but this should never exceed Pall claims for cumulative sterilization cycles and/or the maximum differential pressure.  These specificationswere established by Pall in controlled laboratory conditions with filters that were not exposed to any process (including manufacturing or production) conditions.

The filter lifetime and change-out should be based on a risk assessment by the user for their specific application including relevant validation/qualification data.

For example, the impact of a post-use integrity test failure of the filter should be considered.

For gas filtration in compressed gas, tank vent, or utilities setting, industry best practice is to replace the filter under a pre-defined preventative maintenance schedule (i.e. at a minimum of 12-month cycle).

For critical applications, single use is recommended to eliminate the risks of cross contamination between batches.

For more information, please see Pall Publication:

USTR2660 Considerations Re-Use Sterilizing-Grade Filters