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We’ve been advising our customers for over 50 years on how to ensure they choose the right solution for their process, and our global team has extensive experience in optimizing and scaling-up exosome production processes.


Our platform solution from upstream manufacture of exosomes, through clarification, purification and sterile filtration can be tailored to meet your challenges and deliver exosomes which meet your specifications.


Take advantage of our expertise by booking a consultation with a Pall specialist from our scientific and laboratory services (SLS) team. Your comprehensive no-obligation consultation can include*


  • A discussion of your process and challenges
  • Design of a trial protocol
  • Delivery of ready-to-use materials and instruments to your site
  • On-site or remote support to perform the trials

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*Please note that due to high levels of online fraud, Pall reserves the right to refuse requests for support or samples at our discretion. Only qualifying businesses and organizations will be considered. A purchase may be required to qualify for on-going support and training. Some services may have an initial free consultation followed by a paid service.

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