In this presentation, we’ll cover: 


  • • Synthesis Gas/Catalyst Protection 
  • • Final Product/Oil from Ammonia 
  • • CO2 Removal Unit/Acid Gas Treatment 
  • • Dryer and Cold Box/Drier & Molecular Sieve Protection 


Technologies highlighted will include liquid/gas and liquid/liquid coalescers as well as solid/liquid particulate filters. Join us to learn or refresh your knowledge on best practices in filtration for ammonia plants and to ensure that you are selecting the proper filtration technology for your applications.



Ali Arshad


Sr. Director -Research & Development

Pall Corporation


Ali has over 28 years of extensive separation and fluid clarification experience in gas processing, refining, and chemical / petrochemical applications. Ali has authored several technical papers, instructed coalescer and separation courses at technical forums, and presented his work at various conferences. Ali holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Oklahoma.





Emmanuelle Biadi


Business Development Manager

Pall Corporation


Emmanuelle Biadi has a PHD in biotechnology engineering and worked for 24 years in PALL corporation, a leading company in filtration and separation technologies.


She covered different technical and commercial management roles in Europe, and for 7 years in Middle east and Africa as well. She has worked on filtration and separation applications in various markets, such as Oil & Gas, Refineries and chemicals. Since 2012, her focus is the development of reliable and innovative solutions, to improve product quality, safety, and productivity in the petrochemicals and fertilizers industries.

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