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Example of Pall Filtration installed on a function tester and Utilities” (Diesel Fuel)

Quality, productivity and cost reduction are key goals of automakers. To create innovative vehicles, the highest cleanliness standards for virtually every fluid system in the manufacturing process must be met. Pall understands the challenges of the industry, and offers a wide range of premium filtration and separations products engineered to improve the performance of automotive manufacturing facilities. The end results? Less maintenance and downtime, increased quality and a lower cost of equipment ownership.


Fluid Cleanliness for Testing Benefits


During the automotive manufacturing process, once components assembled on steering or powertrain systems, they are usually tested on function testers. These dynamic tests are critical since it’s a ‘Go / no Go’ sequence: if the system meets the technical specifications, it will be integrated on the vehicle; if not, it will be rejected. High performance filters are absolutely required on automotive test stands because they need to protect the systems from catastrophic failures while cleaning them up in a very short period of time – could be less than a minute. Premium Dirt-Fuse® high collapse filter element is the ultimate in reliability for high pressure filters. Incorporating Coralon/Athalon® media in a special pressure resistant design, these elements are designed for the protection and cleaning of critical system components.


On-line Monitoring of the particulate contamination present in the test fluid is essential. It can provide valuable information about the condition of the fluid system. It also allows for setting parameters regarding normal, atypical or accelerated component wear. This creates the possibility of preventive maintenance prior to component malfunction and/or system failure.


Specific monitoring and diagnostics equipment have been developed like the PCM500 series fluid cleanliness monitor or the Water Sensor transducer. 

Total Reliability

Dirt-Fuse® Filter Elements

The premium Dirt-Fuse® high collapse filter element is the ultimate in reliability for high pressure filters. They are used in Pall non-bypass filter housings and designed to withstand full system pressure (up to 3000 psid, 210 bard) without damage or collapse. Incorporating Coralon / Athalon media in a special pressure resistant design, these elements are designed for protection of critical system components.

If the system is allowed to operate with a dirty filter element, the differential pressure builds across the element. System flow gradually shuts off without dirt bypassing the filter. These elements ensure only filtered fluid makes its way to critical system components.


The Dirt-Fuse® high collapse filter element features an upstream support mesh. It promotes uniform, pleat spacing and strength, and reduces pleat flexing. It also promotes uniform flow through the filter, even under severe cold start or pressure surge conditions for reliable, consistent performance regardless of conditions. Media is made up of inert, inorganic fibers securely bonded into a fixed, tapered pore structure. This preserves high particle removal efficiency throughout the life of the element. Tapered pores capture particulate through the entire media depth for maximum dirt holding capacity and extended service life. Tighter downstream support mesh promotes drainage and adds strength under high differential pressure conditions. A robust core provides protection against element collapse at differential pressure as high as 3000 psid (210 bard), under all operating conditions.


Automotive industrial component test stands benefit from superior Pall non-bypass filters incorporating Dirt-Fuse elements. For more information, click here to see purchase information or talk to a Pall expert.

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