Coralon™ Filter Elements

Coralon filters have been upgraded to Supralon filters!



Jan 2022: Pall’s Coralon®, Ultipor® and Red1000 series filters are now replaced by Pall Supralon Filter elements.  Supralon filter elements incorporate a new pack construction with filter media utilizing stress-resistant technology (SRT) and showcasing anti-static properties, which ultimately help protect and prolong the life of equipment in hydraulic and lube oil applications.


“Our new Supralon filter elements represent a significant advancement in equipment protection for our customers,” said Todd Barrett, President of Pall Fluid Technologies and Asset Protection.  “This allows existing users of Pall’s extensive oil filter portfolio to benefit from our premium industry leading Beta ≥2000 performance filter technology with no equipment modification or additional product cost.”


“Supralon filter performance improvements enable lower energy costs and reduced filter, oil and system maintenance, providing a  general reduction in the total cost of filtration for our customers,”


Supralon filters include upgrades that allow for improved fluid cleanliness, enhanced fluid cleanliness sustainability and protection from static charge generation while providing the equivalent or longer service life than the Ultipor and Coralon predecessors.  The new filter elements have the same form, fit and function, including fluid and temperature compatibility, as the current Ultipor, Coralon and Red1000 filter elements, which will be removed from Pall’s production schedules over the coming months. Supralon filters can also replace alternative filter elements retrofitted into original Pall filter housings to return hydraulic and lubrication systems back to a cleaner and more consistent fluid cleanliness.