Our advanced mining wastewater treatment technology for the removal of contaminants from mining waste water delivers premium filtration performance

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Superior Filtration Solutions for Mining Waste Water

Pall’s advanced filtration technology for the removal of contaminants for mining waste water treatment delivers premium filtration performance to maximize particulate capture and ensure environmental regulatory compliance.


The Aria Microfiltration (MF) system system is an optimal solution for mining wastewater filtration. Placed downstream of the bulk separator, the Aria MF filter effectively removes a variety of contaminants including suspended solids, colloids, iron oxides, manganese oxides, arsenic oxides, organics, cysts and oocysts, viruses, and bacteria. Easily integrated into existing systems, Pall’s durable MF membrane technology features increased contaminant capture capacity to reduce filter maintenance interventions. Engineered with a modular design and minimal footprint, the Aria MF filter system is flexible and can be customized for any application.


Pall’s high-tech reverse osmosis (RO) system is the final filtration step prior to disposal, and delivers exceptional performance to ensure wastewater treatment in the mining industry is done safely and in an eco-friendly way. The advanced technology of Pall’s RO system offers a superior level of dissolved solids removal for a consistently safe discharge fluid that exceeds regulatory standards. The integrated membrane system of MF and RO offers an unmatched level of filtration efficiency that facilitates robust and reliable filtration with reduced maintenance downtime.


Failure to effectively execute mining waste water treatment can lead to frequent maintenance activities and risk the shutdown of the entire operation due to environmental regulatory noncompliance. Pall’s advanced filtration technology provides effective and reliable microfiltration and reverse osmosis systems for the optimized filtration of mining waste water. This technology maximizes contaminant capture, minimizes maintenance downtime, and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.


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