The Evolution of Modern Industrial Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filtration


Pall has been at the forefront of fluid power filtration technology for over 75 years. In this webinar, Pall experts will reflect on the significant developments made in hydraulic and lube oil filtration, and the improvements and benefits this has brought to society and the environment.


During this webinar we will:


  • Discuss how modern day filtration media has evolved from basic sieve type strainers to sophisticated membranes able to deal with a wide range of separation challenges
  • Reflect on how filtration performance has improved and review how to select the most appropriate solutions for your equipment needs
  • Consider how filtration has and continues to be a driving force behind our global ambitions for a more sustainable future
  • Examine how filter designs may continue to evolve in the future.





Darren Nowicki


Global Product Director

Pall Corporation




Keith Webb


Business Development Manager

EMEA Marketing Manager

Pall Corporation

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