Laboratory Reusable Filter Holders & Membranes 

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The filter holders and memebranes are designed for a variety of applications including in-line sterile filtration, stack sampling, and product sampling. The upstream threaded vent allows the release of trapped gas during liquid filtration, which supports with the filtering of heavy-particulate environmental samples. 


Reuseable filter holders with separate membrane disc filters can provide the necessary flexibility for researchers to demonstrate proof-of-concept or conduct filterability trials before investing time and effort into more costly options. Filter holders in plastic, aluminium and stainless steel may range in size from 13 mm to 293 mm - categorized by the size filter they can accommodate. 


Filter holders selected for sterile filtration are often of an enclosed design such as syringe or in-line filter holders which operate most effectively by using positive pressure to push fluids through the assembled device. Other assays may be better suited to using vacuum and an open filter funnel option. Our filter holders allow the collection of the filtrate or easy retrieval of the membrane for further study. The solution 142 and 293 mm in-line filter holders are particularly useful for small batch trials or filtration of heavy-particulate environmental samples. We offer a variety of options including syringe filters, in-line filters and filter funnels.




The stainless steel construction offers excellent chemical resistance

142 & 293 mm Disc Filter Holders, Stainless Steel

Convenient Sizes and Durable Materials for Filtration of All Your Laboratory Samples
Convenient Sizes and Durable Materials for Filtration of All Your Laboratory Samples
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